ultra runner they need it: "Dietary supplements".

Basically, you can almost always met all off regular and healthy diet, but sometimes that's just not enough.
The downside for me is twofold, LEEFtijd and distances.

Now I'm off to the Spartathlon Is there an important factor in "Heat".

Met normal and healthy diet I come to about 85% of my needs for what I Needed. I noticed that after a workout, I Next to a workout, Not Enough was Restored. You can tell everything and you should properly listen to what your body tells you. So I started the Simple Additives-including protein, vitamin 's and minerals.

On the way to Sparta, I move no opportunity even to eat MijnGemak and nice to let digest ook drinking will be different.

THAT is why I contacted A Nutrition Expert and this goes for me Look what I Needed. I'll probably read many discount products, have a nice sponsor for the route to Sparta and during training.

I know I should drink more during the Long Matches and work out here difficult, ook Should I eat carbohydrates constant.

What I used: And all during my long Contests?

Goodie's, pureed fruit snack for kids.

Energy gel.



White bread with jam.

Pieces of dried fruit.

Drink, usually hypotonic sports drink.

After an ultra, long workout I take always within half an hour:

Yoghurt met fruit in summer Fresh Dried winter, proteins, dates, honing and Brinta.

To be continued!