Whole J.K.M. 125 km. really proud of. 1 in place. Also, the latest edition and half already won, even special!
Ecotrail Brussels 80 km. 4 Overall, despite finishing along with number three and terrible refrain.
India Summer Ultra trail 127 km. 1 Generally, very proud of, first edition won remains special.
Salland trail second place.


Finisher of the  120 on Texel.
Salland trail third place.
6 hours of Steenbergen after an overload and three weeks doing nothing 74951 meters.
3 bridges ultra, sprinting to a third position.

P.R. marathon in Apeldoorn.
Winner half J.K.M.
1 generally round Voorne
Bode Felder Hollenlauf second age category.
Salland trail 3 total
Spa Olne Olne same time as two years ago!

100 km. A P.R. at 100 km. 8:07 I dreamed! 3 on the N.K.
More than 78 km. at 6 pm va Stein.

Texel 120 km. dismount! Many learned and therefore still worth mentioning.

Winschoten 100 km. qualification for Texel 120 km and 2 are on the N. K. 100 km
Olne Olne Spa over an hour faster than the last time. One age category

Texel 2011, first 60km officially, just something fun.

Spa Olne Olne 65 km in the Ardennes, boy young young what I've been seeing and what it was nice to do

2010-2011 Regional cross season, second in the league. Podiums are always fun.

Voorne round 50 km. first real distance further as the marathon.