Highlights of 2016

A brief summary of my activities in 2016.
week 52
A podium place  at the Christmas Trail in my home village Sprundel.
I should have listened better to my body, instead of going to hard, but anyway… a podium place,  but terrible pain in my left thigh and abdomen now…

Fortunately I can have much rest this week.

week 51
Just a nice relaxing week, not too many kilometers.

week 50
Only a few kilometers. Well runned the course for the league runners (5 km), great run with the group, but retained earnings. remains a game that counts.

week 49
Not too much kilometers this week, which is not necessary now.

week 48
This week still some more rest, after the hree bridges race.
Feel paiun in the  left, right, above and below!

week 47
Constructive week with the three bridges Ultra 65 km.
A very nice race with long straight roads, but unfortunately cold and foggy.
Contest made while I really wanted to thread it as a workout, so i ended up at the stage,  like last year. Too soon after the India Summer Ultra.

Nutrition during this 65 km:
1 and 2 goodie gell’s. I was drinking far too little.
Recovery: yogurt, fruit, whey, dates

week 46
Nice quiet week yet.
Next week the three bridges ultra, intended pace around 12KM/h as a training.
Now I will take a little more rest.

week 45
Furthermore, trained just fine, not bothered by the ultra india summer training, no speed yet.

week 44
Well, a few days after a 127 km. you can do some easy runs. I actually still can not believe that I won it. Not really excessive burden of it, but have to give time to the body for recover.

week 43
Quiet on the job, now I do not want anything to hurt.
Friday Hans, Misha and I left to Drente on Saturday morning for the Indian Summer Ultra which starts at 6:00 It will be the first Indian summer ultra, a 127 km trail through Drente.
Beautiful race, feeling just e\xcellent.

And the first edition i became…..FIRST.

Nutrition during 127 km.
2 goodie ‘s, 3 gells, Snelle Jelle,  and more I can’t remember.
Drinking camelbag low, 1.5 liter hypotonic sports drink and some of the items, much too little!
Recovery: yogurt, fruit, whey, dates. Chips and beer, little well deserved party afterwards!

week 42
Last full week before the Indian summer ultra , next week, by  Drente. I am very excited.
Kilometers are all still not enough, lets hope I retain the shape. All feels well.

week 41
Keep up the good work week, after the last awesome races.

week 40
After Breda still a bit startled that it can be so hard.
Now keep quite, sitting on the edge, and Saturday enjoy walking in mountain and valley 60 km

Fun competition, organized together with Misha to it by Willem.
Intention to make a nice workout, which is also well done.

nutrition; 1 goodie two gelletjes, drink ¾ camelbag hypotonic sports drink and water. Too little!

Recovery: fruit yogurt, whey, dates

Sunday leaked again quietly

week 39
After 80 several quiet workouts Brussels.
Sunday in Breda ½ as a team invitation.
Which half went like a rocket, walked calmly and constructively, third time ever run a half. Is it on the brink now, be very careful.

week 38
Well this week to build the Ecotrail in Brussels wonder.
Nice “trail” more half and half way trail. Pity that route designations are gone, very warm 25 degrees. Devastated gone on too little drinking, nevertheless satisfied to conditions.

Nutrition: camelbag 1.5 ltr. empty! Too drunk at the posts.
2 goodie ‘s and 2 gelletjes
Recovery: yoghurt, fruit whey, dates

Day after leaked quiet again.

week 37
Km. be a little less.
Next week on the ecotrail Brussels 80 km.
Training all going fine.

week 36
Actually, this dull weeks!
Just train and nothing else special to report, boring huh.

week 35
Tuesday nice on the track and on the road Thursday, nothing fancy.
Weekends longer runs, not super long.

week 34
No special things, just train and a small marathon weekends. Camelbag along with hypotonic sports drink.

week 33
On weekends the coal mine trail, 44 km. and very challenging altimeters. So dismantling this week.

First be a 6 km. do the polderloop, runners competition.

Altimeters, again better than the previous trail, one small party overall, tasty popped.

Now to restore calm and out.

Nutrition: camelbag hypotonic sports drink 1 liter and 2 gelletjes eaten.

Recovery: Yogurt, fruit whey and dates.

week 32
This week we have gone somewhat reduce to next week, everything just suppleness.
Can not be whole week, last trail badly affected by the altitude in the upper legs.

week 31

Preparation for the weekend, trail 57 km, near Charlois.

Beautiful trail, though often walked, sturdy climbs and descents. Beautiful weather, so hot.

Nutrition, camelbag hypotonic sports drink upon 1 liter, 3 goodie, s. Too little consumed under these conditions.

Recovery: Yogurt, fruit, whey and dates.

week 30

Nice weather and nice km. do what you want.

week 29

Just do your thing at this time, nothing special on the horizon, the first two weeks then.

week 28

Nice temperatures and good walking for this time of year, additional steps to make slow.

week 27

The regular training on the job and off.

Only in the end decided to go walking in Oosterhout

27 km trail, very confusing piece on the trail. I was a little more km. therefore, also quite warm satisfied. Food yes but nothing was 27 km. yet!

Sunday 25 km. anticipated

Week 26 and week 25

Tasty been on vacation, super beautiful island and enjoyed.

week 24

This week, just a standard week.

Saturday went to Rijsbergen, 10 km. walked and my P.R. 10 years ago almost walked 5 seconds! Just because it’s possible.

week 23

standard week

week 21

Again boring, despite not Steenbergen after rumbles

week 20

Yes, on the way to the race 24 hours of Steenbergen, this weekend.

Unfortunately, after six hours just feel I have been more than 12 hours had been, suffering from groin, back and God knows what else. Just stopped and stinks.

Misha has done done it 24 hours!

I do not pity for my qualification for the Sparthatlon!

week 19

Phasing, bound for 24 hours. all goes as planned.

week 18

Last week many km. Going great mileage digest goes well.

week 17

These are weeks with many km. pity that the weather did not always sit with it, is sometimes quite cold and wet.

week 16

The km. continues to increase and it is good, careful nutrition regarding recovery and that I eat enough.

week 15

Just km. and create a workout, boring huh

week 14

We slowly km weather. building and hoplelijk is that without problems.

week 13

This week is still a sign of recovery, should just enjoy my flush of victory!

week 12

This is the first this year 125 km of the beach, so quiet at the beginning of the week.

Friday night 00:00 start around Jan Knippenberg memorial.

What a game, but read the report!

Peaceful and constructive walked and delicious finish.

Okay it did right and left some very, but I may.

Power supply:

Camelbag ¾ empty, hypotonic sports drink, goodie 3’s, three gelletjes, gingerbread, sugar and raisin.

Misha also stood with my drink, I just do not know how much I have this on.

Recovery, yogurt, fruit, whey, dates and of course an evening beer! I felt I deserved. Only my eyes were closed at 10 o’clock ..

week 11

The last full week before the J.K.M and we will reduce some. Very remain and continue to believe in it.

week 10

Beginning of the week, nice and quiet on the court, sat Nijverdal, Salland Trail 75 km. fantastically beautiful trail, super cozy and nice organization.

I just want to run it as long workout, but two are even more fun!

Nutrition: camelbag 1 liter hypotonic sports drink, too little.

Goodie two and two gelletjes too little.

Recovery: Yogurt, fruit, whey and dates.

leaked Sunday.

week 9

No full house week, but a little less, km. go in as cake recovery too.

This is even more important.

week 8

Beginning of the week was fine, but still a bad cold and just a trainingkje less remain intact now!

week 7

Tasty many km do this week, only waalt very hard.

Then LSD are walking very difficult.

Camelbag taken, and ¾ liter hypotonic sports drink on

week 6

Monday we walked into the dark forest to try headlight, fun and good light, together with Hans. This, too, you must try in training. Furthermore, just km. make and let’s go.

week 5

Lamp bought and tried the same, in the dark forest, along with Hans.

Went fine, even with it to get going, now tinkering is better in the game.

week 4

The km. have up to achieve the goals of this year and going slow!

So the good way, thanks to the trainer.

week 3

We go against it again this week, Saturday 21, Sunday 42 km. wham

week 2

The courses go well hopefully the goals this year.

week 1

This year planned:

Jan Knippenberg memorial 125 km,

Salland Trail 75 km

Van Steenbergen 24 hours.

Then we’ll see

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