week 19

Beautiful week to start, Steenbergen 12 hours! Go walking with the aim of testing the load for the Spartathlon, now a nice test. Started well, maybe too soon, but afterwards you can walk at a pretty flat pace. Kees L and Hans with Maaike came for a second look, super course. Just when Hans and Maaike were there I had a dip, but I do not know what happened, the pace came back and I went again. The lap times are afterwards quite flat, 2 rounds with the dip. I did not expect anything and said I was walking for 120 km, but then I walked 3 and that will not let you go, a total of 132 and a bit! Super pleased a 3 place, a pr and a national record at 12 o'clock.

The nice thing is that I doubted 3 weeks ago at Texel if I would do the 12o after the bad start this year. Now a day later just 12 o'clock I have as much as no muscle ache alone, everything has to be rectified
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